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April 29th, 2022
BW2: Endangered Species Mini Event IV! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Endangered Species - Fourth Encounter

Habitats are changing, and it's endangering many different animal species. Carson Tiva has found that three different endangered species can currently be found in Bushwhackia, as they search for new places to live.

Three Endangered Species

African Wild Donkey - A critically endangered ancestor of the domestic donkey, hunted for food and medicine and left to compete with domestic livestock for grazing and water

Asiatic Cheetah - A critically endangered cheetah forced into remote mountainous habitats to survive

Red Wolf - A critically endangered canine at risk from hunting, habitat fragmentation, disease, and human-caused mortality

Collect Conservation Data

Like you did during Carson's last visit, apply your bush whacking skills to help them collect Conservation Data on these unique animals for the limited time they're here. To gather data, you just have to give them a whack with your sword or other whacking implement. With said data, Carson Tiva can use it to try and help what's left of these unique animals.

Which species you encounter in the fields will be random, so if you fall behind in finding one of the three animals, you can start one of Carson Tiva's pursuit quests. You can do one pursuit quest every 20 hours.

Earn Rewards

Your efforts will not go unrewarded! Carson Tiva will trade you for this data in their store, plus you'll earn a unique plaque for your contributions! Like event ribbons, this plaque will increase your maximum energy based on your performance.

Collect data, complete the achievements, and earn rewards!

In addition to a new set of species, Bush Buck Bundle, and energy boosting plaque, you can earn a new Firefly Lantern Post ranch item reward!

Limited Time Only

Go to the event area of the Commons to get started, and gather as much data as you can before noon on Tuesday May 3rd, PDT!

April 29th, 2022
BW2: April 29th, 2022 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Endangered Species Mini-Event 4 (April 29, 2022)

- Updated Endangered Species mini-event:
- 3 new pets
- 3 new plaque ranch items
- New Firefly Lantern Post completion reward
- Added counts for specific animals in quest hover
- Renamed Endangered Species plaques from “Conservation Contribution Plaque” to Conservation Plaque X”, where X is the event mini event series

- Added gnome-sized surface to Bamboo Chair ranch item

- The max mana and max power bonuses for the Cracked Egg and Wicked Egg companions are now rounded

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. (Thanks NimbleCraft!) Keep the reports coming!

- Added Humongous Fruit Basket (Restores 1000 Energy for 10k Gold, 2 Sapphires, 2 Rubies, and 2 Jades. Unlocks at level 100.)
April 20th, 2022
BW2: Earth Day Charity Drive! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Earth Day

As longtime players of Bush Whacker know, we like to give back whenever we can. So for Earth Day, we're having a charity drive!

This drive will run from April 20th through May 3rd, 2022, and we'll be raising money for a great organization that works to protect nature and the environment: Conservation International.

Conservation International

Conservation International protects nature for the benefit of humanity. Through science, policy, fieldwork and finance, they spotlight and secure the most important places in nature for the climate, for biodiversity and for people. With offices in 30 countries and projects in more than 100 countries, Conservation International partners with governments, companies, civil society, Indigenous peoples and local communities to help people and nature thrive together.

For more information about the Conservation International, check out their website.

Make Your Donation

You can donate in-game by purchasing any of our three different charity packs:
  • Earth Cake Charity Pack - Earth Cakes and Bush Bucks!
  • Earth Charity Ranch Pack - Cloudy Tree ranch item, Earth Cakes, Earth Shield, and Bush Bucks!
  • Earth Charity Pet Pack - Pet, Lvl 40 Pet Treat, Earth Cakes, Earth Shield, and Bush Bucks!

The Earth Cake Charity Pack, Earth Charity Ranch Pack, and Earth Charity Pet Pack (left to right)

100% of our net proceeds from all three packs will be donated to the Conservation International.

Free Cake!

Drop by the Commons and talk to the charity drive representatives south from the Town Hall for a free Earth Cake, and to learn more about the charity drive!
April 14th, 2022
Bush Whacker 2's 10th Anniversary! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy 10th Anniversary Bushwhackia!

This event starts at noon on Friday April 15th!

Your friends in the Commons event area are up to something--and they need your help!

Be warned, this post contains SPOILERS for the event! You may want to play the first couple days of the event before reading these details!

Developer Turn-in Stations

The developers of Bush Whacker 2 are running the turn-in stations. Over the course of the event, you can find Typo Reports, Bug Reports and Suggestions in the bushes to turn in for event progress. Can you flood the poor developers with enough to earn the 100% reward?


Four daily quests will help you gain progress as well, starting with the quest for Gnome parts. The developer gnome quest has been updated with 5 more gnomes. Each completion will award you a random developer gnome and there are now 32 of us to collect. Note, if you have less than 27 gnomes, you'll get 2 gnomes per turn in until you catch up.

Later on, there will be a daily quest to test your Bush Whacker knowledge with trivia questions, featuring 6 new questions! Plus the return of Linus (from Halloween) who will have a sweet reward and of course, 10 years of whacking bushes has taken its tole, so it's best if you help to replant.

Familiar friends, like Nate and Kaine, will also have quests as the event goes one.

Costume Contest

Do you have a favourite outfit from among the all the Custom Items over the years? Well, you can now show them off! Once you build the Costume Contest area, you can enter your favourite outfit and vote. New winners will be chosen daily, and will get a small treat. New this year, you can ask Alexis what your current bracket is if you're participating in the day's contest. Brackets are top 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 500+.

The Cake Isn't a Lie!

And what is an anniversary without cake? Not a very good one! A souvenir cake will appear on Monday April 18 at Noon PDT and be available to interact with until Friday April 22nd at Noon PDT.

New for 2022:

If you can complete the event, you'll earn the lucky Anniversary Flower Box!

For quests, we've added 1 new quest for our past community manager Erika to Zoey's community manager quest line!

There are also new customization and ranch items in the store, a new cake, 6 new trivia questions, 5 new developer gnomes, and the ability to view your current ranking in the costume contest!

Event Achievements -- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

There are a total of FOURTEEN possible achievements to earn in the Anniversary event.

Returning for 2022

Surprise!? - Help set up your own surprise party (Finish the set up and last-minute set up tasks.)
Support Ticket - Do a turn-in at each turn-in station.
Papers, Please - Do 50 turn-ins at each turn-in station.
Know Your Stuff - Complete the Trivia Daily Quest 5 times.
Lookin' Sharp - Enter the costume contest.
Best Buddies - Complete the event quests for Kaine and Nate. Fashion Critic - Vote 50 times in the Costume Contest! Gnomevelopers - Earn all 8 developer gnomes from the 2016 Anniversary Event.
Gnomevelopers 2 - Earn all 16 developer gnomes from the 2018 Anniversary Event.

New for 2022

Decade Dressing - Purchase all the 10th Anniversary Event items*
Gnomevelopers 3 - Earn all 32 of the anniversary developer gnomes
Gnomefier - Craft anniversary developer gnomes 5 times

We also have 2 achievements from previous years which may be earned by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

Anniversary Mementos - Purchase all the 6th Anniversary Event items.
Celebrate Good Times - Purchase all the 4th Anniversary Event items!
*The Mini Golf piece isn't required to complete the Decade Dressing achievement.

Mount Sale!

New Mounts:

The Airavata is a glorious and wise flying multi-trunked elephant mount! It increases your speed by 60% and it's starting bonus increase your Energy wins by 5%!

Get this mount free with the purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more during the weekend sale running until Monday March 15th @ Noon PDT!

Also see the Starlight Airavata and Sunset Airavata mounts in mount packs, available during this sale!

Pet Packs!

New Pets

COMING SOON! Keep an eye out for the sale pop-up!

Post your plans for the next year of adventuring with Bush Whacker 2 on the forums!

The event will run until Friday April 29th at Noon PDT!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which developer gnomes are available?
    There are now THIRTY TWO developer gnomes available. You can collect one at random each time you do the Gnome Parts daily quest. Note, if this is your first time doing the event, you'll get 2 gnomes per turn in.

  • Why do I want to help Linus daily?
    The more times you help him, the better your reward at the end of the event. His quest can be reset with the VIP power to reset daily quests.

  • Will this event repeat next year?
    Good question! We'll tell you next year!

  • How does the Costume contest work?
    You can enter the contest once per day. Once you've entered you cannot change your entry, so choose wisely. Throughout the day players can vote on other entries much like the screenshot contests from Halloween and the Spring Garden events. At midnight, the top 5 rated entries win, and a new contest begins! Winners get a unique title and an energy pack, but cannot enter the contest again for 3 days.

  • What adds to my event progress?
    Doing turn-ins at the 3 stations and completing quests for the NPCs in the area.

  • How can I find the turn-in station items?
    Just keep whacking bushes and critters. The Holiday Item Runes and Pets will help attract them as well or you can use a VIP Voucher or Token on the Event Drops boon.

  • Do I have to ask my friends to help with the turn-in stations?
    No, you don't have to. They just allow you to gain event progress faster.

  • When will the last quest unlock?
    The last event quest will unlock on April 24th.

  • Do I have to do the achievements?
    No. Completing the goals for the achievements is totally optional. You get either a large energy pack or a title for your character from them, no event progress.

  • Where can I see all the achievements available and how to get them?
    Either on the holiday dialog, the achievements dialog, or on the blog.

April 14th, 2022
BW2: April 14th, 2022 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

10th Anniversary Event (April 14, 2022)

- Updated the Anniversary event for the 10th anniversary!
- Added new customization and ranch items
- Added new ribbons and 100% reward
- Added new cake
- Added new quest
- Added 5 new developer gnomes
- Added 6 new trivia questions
- Can now view what bracket your costume is in the daily costume contest
- Added 3 new pets available the second weekend of the event
- Added new event mounts in Bush Bucks sale and mount packs, available the first weekend of the event
- Reduced the number of token and energy goobers that drop when turning in event tokens. You still get the same amount from the turn-in! It just bundles them together into fewer little graphic drops, so you don’t have to wait forever for them all to drop when doing large turn-ins.
- Updated Alexis and Dupuis Gnome graphics

- Fixed temporary reduction boosts in the Flungeon not being cleared on tier complete or reboot

- Updated the description of the ‘An Angus' Ebonthorn’ quest to mention the Ebonthorn is found in any bush

- Mount is now hidden when you ride the Helicopter in the Cretaceous Park area
April 8th, 2022
BW2: Mini Easter Event! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy Easter Bushwhackers!

With the 10th anniversary event on the way, we've shrunk down the Easter event into a bite-sized version!

Find Mini Eggs in the bushes and turn them in at the event area for progress and tokens to spend on some simple items at the mini event store. With enough progress, you'll earn the Mini Easter Ribbon, which permanently increases your maximum energy by 10! There are also 3 achievements to claim!

And keep your eyes peeled for eggs riddled about Bushwhackia in this year's World Wide Egg Hunt! Most eggs have been shuffled around, so work together to find them all!

And while you're at it, help out a Carrot-topped fellow in the event area with a Deviled Egg problem. After you complete his quest, you'll be able to purchase one of 4 Evil Eggs from the event store!

New Mounts!

Who are the best hoppers of all? The jury is still out, but Frogs are certainly a contender! Hop through Bushwhackia on an all new Dark Frog mount! There are three vibrant colours to choose from. Check them out in the event area!

The event will run until Wednesday April 13th 2022 @ 4pm PDT.

Plan your attack for finding all the Easter eggs here!
April 8th, 2022
BW2: April 8th, 2022 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Mini Easter Event (April 8th, 2022)

- Added a new mini easter event with a turn-in station, ribbon reward, quest, and world wide egg hunt!

- World Wide Egg Hunt egg positions shuffled/moved

- World Wide Egg Hunt list of found locations now sorted by order areas are in Bushwhackia, to allow easier comparison with other players

- Increased the odds of encountering the Fountain Depth in the Flungeon 20.0 (Friday, April 1st)

- “Pick Random Friends” button on the Requests popup now chooses the most active of your game friends first

- Fixed the “All Friends” and “Game Friends” buttons on the Requests popup showing the same thing

- Added new jungle music to all jungle zones and the Jungle Ranch Style

- Added new music for the Mushroom Forest zones

- Added new music for Cloudland and Rainbow’s End Isle

- Fixed Frog mounts (and other idle animation jumping mounts) not finishing the jump animation before switching to the idle animation

- Fixed bug where certain events might not start correctly the first time on the Desktop Launcher

April 1st, 2022
BW2: April 1st, 2022 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Daylights Out! (April 1st, 2022)

- Started saving all the daylighting Bushwhackia

- Added Benjamin to the event area to take all feedback regarding saving all the daylight in Bushwhackia

- Added two new trivia questions: “What is the name of the creature collector?” and “What beverage is served during one of our recurring charity drives?”

- Added surfaces for small items on the ledge of the Fireplace, Autumn Fireplace, and Christmas Fireplace ranch items

- Removed the Neon Glasses from the Flux Store, since you fish it out of the Fountain Depth of the Flungeon 20.0

- Fixed the Plant Splicer filter list options duplicating when you re-visit the splicer

- Fixed the pop-up text being cut off for the Gobbledy Glitch and Fluxed Data Core trophies in the Flungeon 20.0

- Jungle Ranch Style now changes the music to the Jungle theme

- Haunted Ranch Style now changes the music to the Haunted Forest theme

- Haunted Ranch Style now makes the ranch dark!

- Candle, Lamp, and other Light doodads now generate light in dark ranch styles, like the Haunted Ranch Style (and perhaps a future Christmas Nights style?). Report any ranch items you think should have lights but don’t via support ticket or email

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!