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December 16th, 2020
COTLI: More Tier 7 Talents Update! 

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth - strike that, reverse it. All I want for Christmas is some more Talents!

And that's what this update brings: 8 new Talents to start leveling up!

New Tier 7 Talent Additions

These talents require clearing area 2700 to unlock.

4 New Active Talents

  • Flush With Materials - Increase the amount of materials earned from completing the crafting material missions, excluding the legendary catalyst missions. Max levels: 100.

  • Formation Full Up - Increases Gold Find bonus when the formation is full. Max levels: 50.

  • Must Be Magic - Increases the Global DPS while the Alchemy ability is active. Max levels: 200.

  • Front Line Fire - Increases the DPS of the Crusaders in the front column of the formation. Max levels: 200.

1 New Passive Talent

  • Dressing for Success - Increases the DPS of all Crusaders for each Skin owned, stacking multiplicatively. Max levels: 50.

2 New Utility Talents

  • Trinket Hoarder - Increases the DPS of all Crusaders for every 20 sets of unique Epic Trinkets owned, up to 3000 sets. Max levels: 500.

  • Bounty of Idols - Increases all Idols earned (before Bonus Idols are applied) for every slot on the bench for which you own at least one Crusader. Max levels: 200.

Additional New Talent

New Tier 8 Talent

This talent requires clearing area 3000 to unlock.

  • Hustle Master - Increases your maximum Sprint area. Max levels: 30.
    Note: If you purchase all levels of all the Sprint talents and complete From the Ashes, then you can now sprint to area 5000.

December 16th, 2020
COTLI: The Nate Before Christmas 6! 

    O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree -- how angry are thy branches...!
    O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree -- how much you embody the rage of nature and bring the wrath of the elements down upon us all!

Once again The Nate Before Christmas blesses our doors, and this year we are visited by a princess of snow: Odile, Snowflake Defender!

The Nate Before Christmas 6 runs until Tuesday, December 29th at 12PM PST, introducing Odile, Snowflake Defender and bringing back Frosty the Snowman, RoboSanta, The Dark Helper, RoboRudolph, Xander the Xmas Dragon, Wrena the Fair and Kris, the Enraged Elemental!

New Tier 6 Crusader: Odile, Snowflake Defender

Tags: Event, Magical, Female, Healer, Supernatural, Gold, Good

In the Realm of Berwin, Odile was the first-born daughter of Queen Odessa and King Ambros. The Realm of Berwin, also known as the Domain of Winter, was one of the four realms dedicated to fighting the dark spirits of the otherrealm and protecting the spirits of the seasons. Not only were the royal family of Berwin already strong ice magic users, but when Odile was born, the Spirit of Winter itself appeared and bestowed some of its magic upon her.

As she grew up, Odile began training in secret with her mother, but it soon became apparent that her powers were much stronger than Odessa's, even in one so young. Whispers of Odile's power made their way to the otherrealm where the Spirit of Destruction, Glut, had been resting for many years. Glut sent minions out to investigate the rumours surrounding Odile. One small shadow spirit succeeded and brought the news to its master.

Glut attacked the realm of Berwin, laying waste to the area as he made his way to capture Odile, bringing an air of blight to the once pristine world. Odessa and Ambros managed to hold off the first wave of dark spirits, but Glut had grown in power in its time away. To buy some time and save their people, the royals decided to send Odile away, wiping her memory and transporting her to Earth. Craving the power within, Glut abandoned its siege and followed Odile's trail through the realms though it would take time to find her.

Odile, now living with her new glamoured family as Odette, continued to grow up and lead a normal, mundane life. But Glut's minions eventually stumbled into the right realm and found the missing princess, causing the Spirit of Winter to break the seal her parents had placed. Odile remembered her powers, her family, and with her memories regained, she stepped into her role of Snowflake Defender, ready to help the Crusaders on their quest.

New Tier 6 Objectives

  • Recruit Odile, Snowflake Defender |Odile takes up a slot in the formation. Frosty the Snowman and RoboSanta take up spots in the formation and can't be moved. Only Crusaders affected by Frosty's Chilling Power or RoboSanta's Expensive Toys will do DPS. Note: This will require having cleared the objective To Infinity and Beyond on Ghostbeard's Greed to complete. Reach area 600.

  • Chocolate Spaghetti | RoboRudolph and the Dark Helper take up spots in the formation and can't be moved. Businessmen spawn randomly and target a random Crusader while they're alive. Targeted Crusaders will have their DPS reduced to 0 while the businessman who targeted them is alive and for 10 seconds afterwards. Note: This will require having cleared the objective To Infinity and Beyond on Ghostbeard's Greed to complete. Reach area 650.

  • Guardians Risen | Xander the Xmas Dragon takes up a slot in the formation and can't be moved. A fiery escort takes up a slot in the formation and changes positions every 100 areas. Fireball monsters spawn randomly and provide either a debuff or buff when killed. These stacks persist until you reset the world. Note: This will require having cleared the objective To Infinity and Beyond on Ghostbeard's Greed to complete. Reach area 675.

  • It's a Wonderful Life | Wrena the Fair takes up a slot in the formation and can't be moved. Only Wrena does DPS. The formation has been changed. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Bullet Hell on Ready Player Two to complete. Reach area 700.

  • Stygian Christmas | Kris, the Enraged Elemental takes up a slot in the formation and can't be moved. Cerberus monsters spawn randomly and live longer than normal monsters. Note: This will require having cleared the objective Bullet Hell on Ready Player Two to complete. Reach area 725.

More info

You'll have until Tuesday, December 29th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time to complete The Nate Before Christmas!

For more info on previous Nate Before Christmas Crusaders and objectives check out the Nate Before Christmas 5 blog post.

Equipment for event Crusaders can be found in Silver and Jeweled Christmas Chests, which you can earn from objectives and the free play or buy in the shop. Each non-recruitment objective will drop a chest for its given tier of Crusaders, and free play will drop All Tier chests. Gear for Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, and Tier 6 Crusaders will only appear in All Tier chests once you've unlocked the respective Crusaders. You can select the tier of chest you buy in the shop when you go to purchase chests with real money or event currency.