January 28th, 2015
Mini Event: Chinese New Year 
Tags: event, eba.

Ring in the Year of the Sheep in Egg Breaker Adventures with the return of the special mini event challenge Monkey!

For the duration of the event, special challenge eggs will temporarily replace all normal challenge eggs, and the eggs will appear at a higher than usual rate. Players can earn 12 event prizes, with three additional rare prizes for the toughest of the tough challenges: a special new hammer, trophy room item and a Chinese Fan Hat!

Players may also purchase two new hats in the Chinese New Year themed hat packs, available for the duration of the event! The Dragon Hat which increases the chance to win Gold and Stars and the Ram Horns which increase the chance to win Hammers and more event tokens.

This event will run from January 28, 2015 until February 4 2015 @ Noon PST.

Talk about the event here!
January 7th, 2015
Dedicated Pilgrim - Colleen Ireland 

Colleen Ireland has received the Dedicated Pilgrim achievement. The requirements for getting this achievement are to visit our offices in Victoria, BC after actively playing our games for five years or more. Colleen dropped by on December 26 for a brief tour (our offices are not large) and chat. Peter and I enjoyed swapping stories with Colleen. She has been playing our Egg Breaker games since the beginning and it was great to hear her perspective on the games. Afterwards, Colleen shared that her visit to our offices was one of the highlights of her trip to Victoria, BC.

Congratulations Colleen on your achievement!

Colleen and Peter pose in front of a whiteboard (Thanks for the tree Nick!).