April 29th, 2016
New Event! Gardeners of the Galaxy 

Brash adventurers Nate Dragon and the Crusaders finds themselves the object of an unrelenting giant alien plant that is slowly taking over the galaxy.

Nate and gang are forced into an uneasy truce with a duo of disparate misfits. Robbie, a gun-toting raccoon, and Broot, a fibrous humanoid. Unfortunately for Nate and his new found friends they attract the attention of the galaxy's law enforcement and get thrown in space jail.

If they are going to save the known universe, they will have to breakout and head to the evil monster plant's home planet and give it a planetary-sized dose of Roundup.

New Crusder: Broot

New Crusader: Robbie, the Raccoon

After earning the requisite 100 seed spores, winning over Robbie and Broot will require some skillful Crusading for the first and second new objectives. However, once they join your ranks, their rascally charm will be a welcome addition to your band.

When partnered in the same formation the inseparable miscreants buff each other with devastating effect. Starting at level 100, Broot increases the DPS for Robbie by 100% if he's in the column in front. At Level 150, he conveys the same buff next to Robbie.

Reciprocating, Robbie enables Broot to take 25% less damage if he's in the column in front at level 50. By level 75 Broot gets a 50% health boost when adjacent to Robbie.

New Objective: Inifinity Stone

The remaining three objectives include 'The Infinity Stone', where the Crusaders must transport a randomly debuffing alien artifact to area 150. Crusaders next to the pulsating stone have their DPS penalized at random intervals.

'Displaced Wildlife' sees an outrageously cute fawn, rabbit and skunk occupy formation slots while the Crusaders slog their way to area 200.

New Objective: Displaced Wildlife

The final new objective, 'Gardeners, Unite!' only allows the selection of the most weird Crusaders available for selection. The ragtag ensemble must then use their disconnected abilities to beat area 250.

I am Broot. I am Broot. I am Broot!
April 28th, 2016
Update! Tier Three Talents Are Here! 

Boom! You asked for them, and we deliver: Tier 3 Talents are here, plus we have added new Tier 1 and 2 talents.

As a reminder for our new players, or for those who have yet to discover Talents, these are unique additional features and powers that are available in exchange for Idols. As ever, the criteria to unlocking the tier talents is dependent on you beating a specific area. For Tier 3 talents you're going to need to beat area 600 in any campaign!

You won't lose any DPS or Gold gains when you exchange your Idols. You'll always keep your total DPS and Gold bonuses in keeping with the number of Idols you've earned since you started playing.

You can read more about the first Talents we launched last year here and the Tier 2 update here. Without further ado, here are the details for the new Talents.

The two new Tier One Active and Utility talents are (available after reaching area 150 in any objective):

Massive Criticals

Critical click damage bonus increased by 10% each level (Max Level: 25).

Upgrade Them All

Adds a button that can be clicked to purchase as many upgrades as you can afford. (Available once you purchase "Spend It All")

The four new Tier Two Active and Utility talents are (available after reaching area 300 in any objective):

Ride the Storm

Storm Rider effectiveness increased by 10% each level (Max Level: 25).

Storm's Building

Storm Rider cooldown decreased by 5% for each level (Max Level: 15).

Doing It Again

Unlock Tier 2 difficulty for objectives with interesting restrictions. (Doesn't include the Ready Player Two campaign at this time.)

Efficient Crusading

Decrease the number of Crusader levels required for idols by 10 for each level in the talent (Max Level: 25).

The new Tier Three Active, Passive and Utility talents are (available after reaching area 600 in any objective):


Gold-o-rama effectiveness increased by 10% (Max Level: 20).

Fast Learners

Decrease time needed to earn XP by 5% for each level (Max Level: 18).

Well Equipped

Increase DPS of Crusaders by 20% for each piece of epic gear they have for each level (Max Level: 50).

Swap Day

Increase DPS of Crusaders by 20% for each piece of epic gear other Crusaders in the same bench slot have for each level (Max Level: 50).

Deep Idol Scavenger

Increases Idols earned by 2% for every 100 areas unlocked for each level (Max Level: 25). (If you reset before you reach the next 100, you still get a percent of the bonus. For example, if you reset on area 50 and you have 10 levels in the talent, you get a 10% Idol bonus.)

Triple Tier Trouble

Unlocks Tier 3 difficulty for objectives with interesting restrictions. (Doesn't include the Ready Player Two campaign at this time.)

Free Golden Epic

Finally, we're celebrating the launch of Tier 3 Talents, and the recently announced mobile version, by giving everyone a free Golden Epic, in appreciation of your continued support.

Enter the Free Golden Epic Code 'YOUA-REAL-LAWE-SOME' in the Shop to receive your Free Golden Epic!
April 6th, 2016
New Event! Superhero Spring 

The majestic city of Modern York is under attack from a host of super villains who want to subjugate the populace to their evil ways. The villains are in the process of recruiting all of the criminals, crooks, thieves and truant school kids to create an army to defeat your Crusaders.

For this new event called 'Superhero Spring,' you're going to need some superhero back-up. Shine that signal into the sky from an oversized search light and use your mobile phone to contact the other hero (because it's easier).

New Crusaders

Bat Billionaire is the mega-rich industrialist and notorious playboy who had a rather traumatic encounter with a rubber bat at Halloween. The life-changing event saw him adopt an alter ego as a mask-wearing vigilante who stalks cocktail parties and well-lit inner urban locations around Modern York to fight crime.

Metal Soldierette is a genius, billionaire, playgirl, philanthropist whose penchant for technology is matched only by her desire to use it to bash evil-doers.

Both new Crusader Superheroes can be recruited to your crime-fighting team by completing the first two objectives the Superhero Spring event.

Once in your party Bat Billionaire has some special abilities on his designer utility belt. For one thing, when you buy his level 75 update, all adjacent Crusaders get a temporary 50% DPS boost every time you use an active ability.

Another unique skill kicks in at level 150 when he unlocks the upgrade Deep Menacing Voice where-after all Crusaders affected by Alchemy take 50% less damage for it's duration.

Metal Soldierette is your new option for a tank. When unlocked at level 25, her DPS increases by 400% when she's placed at the front of the formation. At level 75 she gains the ability to self heal herself for absurd amounts, but she will eventually get overwhelmed without help from your other Crusaders.

New Objective: Bat Parking

There are three bonus objectives, as usual. Two-Faced affects the DPS of the Crusaders depending on which side of the formation they find themselves. Those on the right-hand side have their DPS increased while the left-hand side Crusaders have their DPS debuffed. These buffs swap around every few areas all the way to area 150.

Bat-Parking proves that the rich and famous are probably the biggest culprits when it comes to inconsiderate parking. The Bat Billionaire Mobile takes up five formation slots, leaving the remaining Crusaders to pick-up the slack to reach area 200.

New Objective: Stolen Hardware

Finally, the Stolen Hardware objective sees the Crusaders attacked by super-hard robots that bear an uncanny likeness to Metal Soldierrette. The party must blast their way to area 250.

Time to assemble, unite, transform and slip your underpants over your leotard, by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!